15 years of AQA WASSERCHECK - quality in analysis

A package found its way to us these days that reminded us of our start times with the Austrian post. Much has changed since then, limit values have been adjusted, let's think of lead - the current limit value has only been in effect since 2013. In 2003 there were still lead pipes in the supply lines to houses, Gerhard Schröder was Chancellor in Germany, Wolfgang Schüssel was Chancellor in Austria, Formula 1 world champion was Michael Schumacher and it was the hottest summer to date.

Since then, the awareness of high quality at the tap has increased further.

In 2003 there was and this also applies to 2018 - cooperation with the Austrian Post and of course the AQA - WasserCheck, which makes quality analyzes possible directly at the water outlet.

We thank you for your loyalty and we did not miss the opportunity to analyze this test, which a customer kept for so long.

THANK YOU says the AQA team