Drug residues in drinking water

Metals, pesticides and antibiotics: the magazine Öko-Test found more pollutants in drinking water than expected. It is unclear how dangerous the amount of contamination is. Where the water is particularly heavily polluted.
Water from the tap looks clear and clean, but according to the Öko-Test it is not exactly that. Samples of drinking water in 69 German cities often found residues of gadolinium, which is used as a contrast agent in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

But not only this metal romps about in German drinking water. Sometimes the water is also polluted by pesticides and antibiotics. Cities on the Rhine and Ruhr are particularly affected, but the testers also found what they were looking for in Nuremberg, Münster and Fürth.

However, hospitals are only partially responsible for drinking water pollution in Germany. Even in the way many of us behave, we leave contaminants in drinking water. According to Dagmar Vohburger from the German Hospital Association, around 80 percent of drug residues in the wastewater come from private households, in which expired drugs are often disposed of via the toilet and sink. Test results and full article at www.oekotest.de