SchimmelCheck - Measurement of mold spores - Don't let yourself be unsettled!

There are different methods and procedures for measuring mold spore contamination. In summary, we distinguish between active airborne germ collection and sedimentation methods as well as material / contact samples for potentially infested areas for spore measurement in the room air.

Both methods are equally suitable for an orienting determination of a possible pollution potential of the room air. This is shown not only by a recognized study by the Institute for Hygiene and Environmental Medicine, Charité, University Medicine in Berlin (Dr.-Ing. Schleibinger) but also by countless parallel measurements carried out by AIT / BOKU. Unfortunately, some experts or analytical companies repeatedly come up with contrary statements regarding the sedimentation process, which may unsettle the consumer. The reasons for this can be varied. You may not be aware of the state of the art or economic interests may be in the foreground.

If you suspect mold, we therefore recommend carrying out an orienting analysis with our mold check as the first step (costs: EUR 69.90). Because an immediate commissioning of an expert or an analysis company can cost many times more - with the corresponding scope of services, of course: For example, any measurement and consulting company could provide you with an indoor air analysis at your home for molds and yeasts including travel, inspection and working hours for a sampling point (incl. outside air sample) - if you live in the vicinity of Vienna, for example - charge approx. 560 euros. Often several places are sampled in the course of this, whereby each additional place could cost more than 160 euros. Total costs of EUR 750 to 800 are not uncommon ...

Our tip: If you suspect that the room air is contaminated with mold spores, you should first carry out a mold check. Of course, you can also contact an expert or a renovation company right away - in our opinion, in case of doubt they should also offer you a cost-effective, orienting investigation as a first step. With the result of the SchimmelCheck, you can arrange further measures (inspection, inspection, measurement according to VDI 4300, renovation, ...) with an expert or a renovation company you trust. Many renovation companies have been working with us for many years in this regard. A measurement after VDI 4300 you can also have it carried out cost-effectively by us. 

Due to our cooperation with the largest and internationally recognized research institutions, we are always state of the art. Trust in our analysis competence.