AQA water report 2017

Water suppliers enjoy the highest level of trust
“The results of the AQA water report 2017 clearly show that the own water supplier enjoys the highest level of trust in the population for all questions relating to water quality. The image values of the water suppliers could also be further improved in all dimensions compared to previous years, ”said Franz Dinhobl, ÖVGW Vice-President and spokesman for the water sector. 

The Austrians experience the domestic water suppliers as responsible and service-oriented and particularly appreciate their reliability. In addition to the water supply companies, cities and municipalities in particular enjoy great trust in all water issues. The majority - 58% - perceive the price of our drinking water as reasonable, 21% even find it rather low.

High satisfaction with the quality of the drinking water 
“The fact that Austria is in the privileged location of an excellent drinking water supply is also perceived by the population. Around two out of three Austrians are very satisfied with the quality of their own tap water. Compared to the previous year's periods, satisfaction with the quality of the drinking water tended to even increase, ”explains Gabriele Hoffmann, managing director of Hoffmann & Forcher Marketing Research and author of the study. The Austrians rate the quality of their drinking water with an average grade of 1.5 (2014 average: 1.6). Satisfaction with the water quality is particularly high in Vorarlberg (1.1), Tyrol (1.2), Salzburg (1.3) and Vienna (1.3). On average, 1.9 liters of tap water are drunk every day, only 11% of Austrians drink little or no tap water.

Conscious and careful use of water as a resource
"In a long-term comparison it can be observed that Austrians are increasingly more conscious and careful with their tap water," summarizes Gabriele Hoffmann. “Most - 84% - take care to use water carefully. Careful handling is often equated with reducing consumption, i.e. saving water. ”Contrary to popular belief, saving water is not the most important water protection measure in Austria. “The water supply depends on clean groundwater resources and maintaining good groundwater quality concerns us all. The main thing is not to dispose of unused drugs or chemicals, such as cleaning agents or creams, via the toilet or wastewater, so that they do not end up in the water cycle, ”appeals Franz Dinhobl.

Knowledge of the various services provided by water suppliers is growing steadily
In a long-term comparison it becomes clear that the consumers' impression of being well informed about their own tap water is steadily increasing. In 2008 49% felt very well or well informed about their tap water, in 2017 it was 67%. The knowledge about the diverse services of the water suppliers is also growing.

Despite the high level of trust in the water supply, 37% of the population are concerned about their drinking water. Every third person would like to know better about tap water, especially about its composition (54%), any harmful substances it may contain (40%) and its origin (38%). According to the study, there is also particular interest in guided tours through a waterworks - 51% would like to have more contact with their water supplier in this way.

“The AQA water report confirms that the population is aware of and appreciates the efforts of the water supply companies to provide even more information. The level of knowledge about our drinking water and water supply has grown in recent years. The Austrian DRINK WATER DAY, which is taking place for the second time this year on June 23 at the initiative of the ÖVGW, ”says Franz Dinhobl

Austria-wide DRINK 'WATER DAY on June 23rd makes the services of the water supply companies visible
The DRINK'WASSERTAG was launched last year by the Austrian Association for the Gas and Water Sector in order to create more awareness for drinking water and to make the services of the water suppliers visible. More than 50 water supply companies in all nine federal states offer a varied and diverse program on TRINK'WASSERTAG 2017, provide information about their activities and show what is behind a safe and trouble-free supply of high-quality drinking water.

Via the AQA water report
The AQA water report is the largest representative study on the topic of drinking water in Austria and was carried out for the first time in 2004. Since then, the attitudes and level of knowledge of Austrians towards drinking water and the drinking water supply as well as their assessment of water quality have been collected at regular intervals. The study was carried out on behalf of the ÖVGW and AQA GmbH by the Hoffmann & Forcher Marketing Research Institute.

Sample size:
1,000 interviews, people with public water supply
method: CATI (computer-aided telephone interviews)
Maximum fluctuation range: +/- 3.1% for the entire sample
Implementation period: Mid-March to mid-April 2017

About the ÖVGW
The Austrian Association for the Gas and Water Industry (ÖVGW) is the voluntary representation of the Austrian gas network operators and water supply companies. It has around 250 companies in the water sector among its members. The ÖVGW represents more than 1,500 water suppliers through cooperation with regional associations. These supply almost 6.4 million people (around 77% of the population) with drinking water.