Sufficient water protection in Austria?

In the course of the negotiation, the main question was whether the WLV, as a water supplier, has the right to have its groundwater resources used for the people of Northern Burgenland protected by (statutory) regulations so that the nitrate limit value of 50 mg / l is not exceeded , and whether the WLV can also demand necessary adjustments to the Nitrate AP Regulation in this regard.

It was stated in the Opinion that a public water supplier, just like an individual or a municipality as a public body, can rely on the EU Nitrate Directive to protect water from pollution by nitrates from agricultural sources if they are aware of the contamination of the Groundwater are affected, for example because they are hindered in using their own wells for the legitimate production of drinking water.

The final judgment of the ECJ can be expected before the summer.

A corresponding article in the courier shows the nitrate hotspots and also refers to the water tests carried out by AQA on an ongoing basis, some of which show questionable analytical values, especially for domestic wells.

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