March 22nd is World Water Day

World Water Day is celebrated annually on March 22nd and this year the motto is "Water and Climate Change". Here too, climate change will have an impact on our water.

The water quality is still most strongly influenced by us humans: Agricultural and industrial use, type of fertilization etc. can affect the water quality. But climate change will also have an impact, e.g. less frequent rain events with much larger amounts of water. All of this can lead to extreme drought and / or major flooding.

Compensating for too little or too much water and maintaining the water quality will be one of the great tasks of the future for water management.

The heavy use of our waters together with the pressures caused by climate change - such as the rise in water temperature and changed precipitation conditions - have negative effects. Let's do everything we can to ensure that our high water quality is maintained in the future.

The quality of the water that comes out of your faucet depends on many factors. Even if it is fed into the pipes in the best quality from the waterworks in Austria, pipes and fittings can have a strong influence on the quality on the way to the households.