Great - I have a house well - the water flows!

The most important question is - can you drink the water?

If the well is properly constructed, registered and in perfect condition, then the issue is the water quality.

It is in your own interest to maintain the well and the Check water quality at regular intervals.

Apart from that, there is a legal obligation, which is regulated, among other things, in the Drinking Water Ordinance (TrinkwV-Germany, TWV-Austria).

Germany - TrinkwV § 14 inspection obligations

Austria - TWV §5 self-control

This also applies if it is a purely private self-sufficiency when there is no commercial use.


Even if you are not obliged to perform regular checks, it makes sense to check the drinking water quality - both chemically and physically (AQA - WasserCheck Basis) and bacteriological (AQA water check bacteriology).

Possible reasons for an additional water quality check:

  • A weekend or holiday home that is not continuously inhabited.
  • Structural concerns about the water-bearing system parts (fittings, pipes, well system, spring catchment, etc.).
  • Visible changes in the water or changes in taste or smell.
  • Changes in the life situation (e.g. pregnancy, changes in personal habits, illness, etc.).
  • With public water supply: The mixing ratio of the drinking water changes again and again because it is supplied from several water reservoirs.
  • Water treatment devices are installed. Function and quality check.
  • Hot water storage systems - a check for legionella is also useful here (AQA Legionella Check)
  • Etc.

If you are legally obliged to submit water quality findings, please clarify in advance whether the authority allows you to take water samples yourself. If not, ask us and we will put you in touch or ask authorized professional groups.

Here are a few sample videos for self-sampling:

Sampling AQA WasserCheck Basis

Sampling AQA WasserCheck bacteriology

Sampling AQA WasserCheck Legionella


Image: iStock_Michael Clapham