Good air for a good cause!

“In the Caritas service point at Strozzigasse 5, there is ongoing advice for caring relatives. As soon as the situation allows, groups of relatives of people with dementia will meet here again.

vlnr: DI Bruck (AQA GmbH), Mickel-Göttfert (Bezirksvorsteherin 1080 Wien), Mag. (FH) Partl (Caritas Wien), Mader (Stiebel Eltron)

Since our work is supported exclusively by donations, we are happy about the support, today in the form of air purification devices ”, explains the head of the counseling for relatives and dementia at Caritas Vienna, Mag. (FH) Norbert Partl. In the picture the handover of the devices by DI Stephan Bruck (AQA GmbH), Mag. Veronika Mickel-Göttfert (District Manager 1080 Vienna), Mag. (FH) Norbert Partl (Caritas Vienna), Ing.Thomas Mader (Stiebel Eltron).

The VITA NOVA association operates a curative educational and social therapeutic facility in Strozzigasse and offers space for six children. The support team is looking forward to additional clean air from the highly qualified air purifier in the meeting room. Thank you very much!

Qualified air purifiers that can also filter small particles such as bacteria, aerosols and viruses are particularly useful for living rooms, waiting rooms in medical practices, offices or other public spaces. Wherever people come together and the air quality suffers accordingly, the risk of infection increases, which in turn can be reduced through the use of air purifiers.

“Social cohesion and commitment characterize the coexistence in our district. I am delighted that we have been able to win two well-known companies for this sensible donation campaign, says Veronika Mickel-Göttfert, district head of the 8th district of Vienna.

Air purifiers do not replace known measures in rooms such as regular ventilation or keeping a distance, but they make a significant contribution to keeping the risk of infection as low as possible and to interrupting the chains of infection. It is essential to choose the right equipment to achieve the desired effect. And these criteria must be met by an efficient air purifier:

  • The device dimensions and air flow rate must be adapted to the size of the room and the number of people
  • The filter must be suitable for viruses and bacteria (e.g. HEPA class 13)
  • The devices must not generate any harmful substances (such as ozone)
  • The noise level and power consumption must be low