Good day!

We have loyal customers

because these days we have one AQA water check bacteriology got that probably Acquired in 2007 has been.

The sampling comes from now, of course, but this one Store purchases for 11 years, testifies to an understanding of the value of the product.

Knowing about your own water quality is an essential factor for our wellbeing and for our health.

That is why today we want to say thank you to everyone involved over the past 15 years:

- Thank you to the P O S T deliverer, because they delivered the package correctly and quickly - despite the change of name from Seibersdorf to AIT and change of address.

- Thank you to our Laboratory partner AIT / BOKU / IGUT / AGES / FRAUNHOFER, because you keep analyzing samples even though you don't have to do it after so long ...

- Thank you to our Customers for your loyalty!

Thank you, your AQA team says