Climate and environmental protection viewed from the point of view of your own health?

If one reads how it looks with the environmental awareness, the corresponding action and the perceived challenges, one sees the opinions and developments are going in the right direction.

The German Federal Environment Agency has confirmed that environmental and climate protection is one of the major challenges for every fifth German (21%) - 2% more than in the last study.

If you then read the daily media and follow the blogs, the impression can arise that a bird's eye view is very often taken here.

When you add health care to environmental and climate protection, your own concern suddenly comes into play.

A few small fragments of thoughts:

  • Today we can build energy-efficiently, but is the indoor climate still healthy inside? Technical systems are required for air exchange and optimal humidity (a 4-person household produces 10-15 liters of water vapor / day). They have to be serviced because they can germinate.
  • For a very long time only a few building materials were used -> for example: sand, water, stone, glass, wood, etc. Today there is an infinite number of (composite) materials, where it is impossible to determine what they are made of, what long-term consequences from them follow and how to dispose of them.
  •  If you look at the pipe system for drinking water, there are now a large number of different materials. Fortunately, lead pipes have not been built in for a long time. But the question of the right material is far from being answered. Copper? PEHD ?, etc. Each material has advantages, but also many disadvantages. And since they are usually only exchanged in sections, there is also an effect that science calls the cocktail effect. Water dissolves material components, which mix with the other dissolved components and this can have negative consequences.
  • AQA, Fraunhofer IGBFittings and fasteners still contain lead and nickel. There are a few new manufacturers here who are finally bringing out new products without these components, but the big names only trust their design. The inner workings are the same as it was a very long time ago!


Perhaps it is a nice motto to pursue your own thoughts here and to focus on environmental and climate protection out of your own concern.