"Consumer" drinking water test

The Austrian test magazine "Konsument" offers its readers the opportunity to have their drinking water tested for pesticides and nitrate pollution *. This is useful and advisable in areas where there are no regular checks by water supply companies. In households supplied by central water supply companies, no pesticides should generally be detectable, since the Drinking Water Ordinance prescribes appropriate controls and limit values provide information.

Water quality problems in the house line
In publicly supplied households, the major problems lie in the area of house pipes and fittings. Heavy metals such as lead or nickel can get into the drinking water here. Bacteriological loads such as legionella or other germ loads can also drastically reduce the quality of the water via biofilms in the pipes and fittings. AQA offers corresponding quality-assured tests through the best laboratory partners - including instructions for correct, practical sampling. A self-check gives an indication of whether there are any possible burdens or problem areas. If you want to exclude possible influences from your own sampling and transport times, you can have the sampling carried out by trained personnel.

At this point, AQA would like to draw your attention to unspecific offers for "water tests" or "water laboratories". Often only a sales pitch is hidden from Water boars for water treatment devices behind it (see for example a contribution from the Lower Austrian Chamber of Labor).

Best water quality
Austria is supplied 100% with the best spring and groundwater and we have sufficient drinking water of the highest quality in our country. Test your water only if you have a well-founded suspicion (heavy metals from pipes; legionella infestation; contamination) or regularly if you have your own house well / spring. And when offering water tests, pay attention to which laboratories actually carry out the analysis.

* The consumer article and the scope of the test can be found on the homepage of the "consumer"