Air quality in ski gondolas

The tourism industry, which is so important in Austria, has suffered massive losses since the outbreak of the crisis. Against this background, technological solutions are needed that can reduce health risks and save the ski season. Regular internal cleaning or disinfection of the gondolas is of course good and recommended, but of course does not protect if several people use the gondola at the same time and inhale the same air. This can be remedied by air purification devices that filter bacteria and viruses out of the air while skiers use it. This can reduce the burden and thus the risk of infection. The wearing of masks should not be replaced. Blueair - the world's best-rated air purifiers - have now launched a solution for ski gondolas but also for other small mobile interiors such as taxis. These very compact air purifiers - Blueair Cabin - Can be easily installed and filter bacteria and viruses from the air via the Hepa filter. When used in vehicles such as taxis, mobile homes or trucks, the devices also filter harmful car exhaust fumes via the activated carbon filter. The devices can be obtained in Austria from AQA GmbH, which specializes in environmental analysis.