Pollen is in the starting blocks

Around 1.7 million Austrians suffer from chronic allergies, most of them due to pollen. But only a few people know: Even in winter, pollen can cause allergy symptoms such as swelling and reddening of the mucous membranes, the urge to sneeze, stinging and tearing in the eyes or coughing. While allergy sufferers often only had symptoms for a few weeks a year, this time span is expanding. On the one hand, the flowering times are lengthened and, on the other hand, the number of people who are allergic to different types of pollen increases.

The last few years have shown that more and more allergy sufferers suffer from their pollen allergy almost without a break. Because with mild winter temperatures, hazel and alder, for example, can still cause discomfort in the winter months. The main season usually starts in mid-February (alder: end of February) and continues until the end of March, but it can be felt from mid-December to May.