Schladming record number of overnight stays and still a sustainable community

Some time ago the community started to develop a concept for sustainable tourism. Together with a project team from ÖGUT, Pulswerk and AQA, measures were developed last year that will lead to more sustainability in the tourism and event sector.

Measures to avoid and collect waste are being implemented on a broad basis under the heading "Less waste for a sense of life". Since this can only be done with broad support from the population, kindergartens, schools, tourism companies and mountain railways are invited to participate.

The aim of "Less rubbish for the feeling of wellbeing" is to relieve the waste system and lead to a sustainable way of dealing with waste for the local population, but also for the guests. All of this takes place in a rapidly changing environment and enables us to take some correct steps in the development towards a circular economy.

The project financing for the elaboration and support of the measures by a team of experts in close cooperation with all stakeholders from the community was achieved through the Coca-Cola Foundation, which supports sustainable projects around the world. This support is scheduled for 3 years.

Info box project team:

Schladming municipality: Johannes Leitner

External experts: ÖGUT - Austrian Society for Environment and Technology (participation, waste prevention), AQA GmbH (environmental analysis, sustainability projects), Pulswerk GmbH (waste management, green events)