Test winner: AQA water tests

The "vergleich.org "platform is a service for consumers and simplifies purchasing decisions for consumers.

Each of the tested products goes through a multi-stage selection process and the quality management for the comparison and test procedure is TÜV approved. Every day, 27 editors work on the best possible comparison and, among other things, test results from Stiftung Waren are included. The comparisons from Comparison.org are objective and independent. That is why consumers trust the judgments in their purchase decisions.

In 2020, different providers of water tests were checked and tested. And the comparison winner is: AQA! We are of course particularly pleased because we have been there for you for almost 20 years to offer you the best possible analysis and advice. We would like to thank all of our customers, our employees and partners and will be happy to be there for you for the next 20 years!

Your AQA team

P.S .: Here is the test result: https://www.vergleich.org/wassertest/