Petri dishes mold / total germ count

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Petri dish with a suitable nutrient medium for indoor air measurement for mold spores or for measuring the total number of germs. Can be used for sedimentation analysis or a corresponding airborne germ collector.

Note: If the analysis and reporting of the Petri dishes is also to be carried out by us (analysis and evaluation by the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology), please order one per Petri dish "Microbiological Analysis" to. In addition, a "Analysis report"required (a related report can contain any number of Petri dishes).

The Petri dishes for measuring and analyzing mold spores or the total germ count are equipped with a special agar. This enables the time of measurement and the time of analysis to be a few days apart. This supports the practical work with on-site analyzes.

Note: Please note that an outside air reference measurement is required for an evaluation and that this must be taken into account when determining the number of Petri dishes required.

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