SchimmelCheck surfaces: Examination of visible stains on materials and surfaces

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SchimmelCheck surfaces: Is there any visible or suspected areas of mold? This test gives security.

Analysis of possible mold growth on materials and surfaces
With the "Mold Check Surfaces" surfaces and materials that have visible mold stains or show stains that suggest mold can be examined for possible mold contamination.

The SchimmelCheck surfaces is suitable for visible or suspected mold growth on wallpaper, walls, window frames, furniture, wood paneling, etc.

You will receive a "contact plate" that is pressed onto the affected area. Send this contact plate directly to the laboratory for evaluation.

Scope of analysis
The type and genus of the potential mold is examined. You will receive a qualified laboratory report, which is already included in the price. The analysis and evaluation is quality-assured by the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology (formerly Forschungszentrum Seibersdorf) and is therefore not a do-it-yourself method.


  • Service package:

    • Handy test set with a contact plate with culture medium
    • Simple, understandable instructions and data sheet
    • Return envelope
    • Analysis and a clear laboratory report after approx. 2 weeks
    • Mold guide for possible further measures and steps
    • Direct contact with experts



  • Instruction video:

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