SchimmelCheck indoor air: Evaluates the pollution of the indoor air for mold infestation

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Suspected mold? This mold test provides security even if the source of mold is not visible. The mold test evaluates the pollution of the room air and provides a classification in an easily understandable result. The evaluation is carried out by an experienced team of experts.

Health or indoor air problems from mold spores

You suspect mold growth on visible stains or a hidden mold source - then take the first, favorable step and test whether there is mold contamination of the indoor air and how high your indoor air pollution is compared to a reference sample (outside air).

Our mold check allows a quick and easy classification and gives first indications of a possible pollution of the room air with regard to mold spores.

The Mushroom genera and the amount of pollution and the comparison with a reference sample of outside air. 

Best analysis:
The analysis is carried out quality-assured by laboratories authorized by AQA and is therefore not a do-it-yourself method. The number of viable molds (CFU / sampling time) is analyzed in comparison to a reference sample (outside air) and which molds were found (generic spectrum) .

The analysis is carried out according to main groups of fungi that often occur in mold problems.

After approx. 2 weeks you will receive the analysis results conveniently via email.

The SchimmelCheck is a simple and reliable way to test your living environment for possible mold contamination and thus to obtain relevant information for your health.

Service package:
    • Handy test box with three sample dishes for up to two rooms to be tested
      • Simple instructions and data sheet
        • Clear evaluation of the exposure level (mushroom species, exposure level and comparison to the reference sample outside air)
          • Identification of increased values
            • Helpful explanation sheets
              • Mold guide for possible further measures and steps
                • Direct contact with experts

                Instruction video:



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