Blueair model comparison

Here you will find the main distinguishing features between the Blueair air purifier model series. This enables you to find the models that are precisely tailored to your needs. All air cleaner models have the same high filter performance, but differ in design and additional features.

Model series Blue Pure Classic Classic-i Health Protect
Devices of the model range 411 | 221 205 | 405 | 505 | 605 280i | 480i | 680i 7440i | 7770i
3 power levels Yes Yes Yes Yes
Filter change indicator Yes Yes Yes Yes
Determination of filter change Time interval Time interval Flow determination Sensor algorithm
Highest cleaning performance Yes Yes Yes Yes
Degree of separation 99,97% 99,97% 99,97% 99,97%
Filtering particle size > 0.1 micron > 0.1 micron > 0.1 micron > 0.1 micron
Complete filtering of the room air
every 12 min. *
Yes Yes Yes Yes
HEPA-Silent Plus filter Yes Yes Yes No
HEPA-Silent ultra No No No Yes
Active carbon filter yes, as standard yes, with a surcharge yes, with a surcharge yes, as standard
Plasma filter / Germ-shield No No No Yes
Filter performance in stand-by mode No No No Yes
Particularly quiet Yes Yes Yes yes, ultra-quiet
Low energy consumption Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pre-filter yes, fabric yes, metal yes, metal yes, metal
Easiest filter change Yes Yes Yes Yes
W-LAN capable No Yes Yes Yes
Air quality sensor No No Yes Yes
Automatic function No No Yes Yes
Intelligent air distribution SpiralAir No No No Yes
Housing made entirely of metal No Yes Yes No
Parental controls No yes, via app yes, via app yes, via app
Day-night mode No yes, via app yes, via app yes, via app
Timer function No yes, via app yes, via app yes, via app
Display of air quality values No No yes, via app yes, digital display on the device
Compatible with Alexa No Yes Yes Yes

* for the maximum room size specified for the respective device