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Fertilize correctly: the best harvest or the most beautiful lawn!

The SoilCheck analyzes the current nutrient content and determines the correct fertilization requirements for your garden soil. A soil sample is examined for the most important plant nutrients and the yields and growth are optimized using nutrient and fertilizer recommendations. The result is particularly tasty fruits and vegetables or magnificent garden plants. Good for the environment and good for the wallet!

Healthy soil, healthy plants
Plants also want to be optimally nourished! You can only achieve the most beautiful lawn and the best harvest results if you apply the right amount of fertilizer and the right fertilizer ingredients to your garden soil. You just take the soil sample - the best laboratories analyze.

With the use of the right fertilizer and the right dosage, we can optimally nourish our plants. Test your garden with the SoilCheck. In this way you can find out the current nutrient content and fertilizer requirements. Your plants will thank you. In addition, over-fertilization or the wrong addition of nutrients cost money unnecessarily and pollute the environment and health.


Our performance

Your garden or vegetable soil is analyzed for the following important ingredients: Humus content (main criterion for nitrogen release), phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, pH value, potassium-magnesium ratio and a fertilizer recommendation for nitrogen is determined in addition to the values.

The SoilCheck thus offers a simple option for a soil examination, because incorrect addition of nutrients to plants pollutes the environment and your well-being.

The BodenCheck includes the following service package:

  • Handy test box with sampling bag
  • Simple instructions and data sheet
  • Clear laboratory results
  • Clear display of the current fertilization status of your soil
  • Fertilizer recommendation (amount and fertilizers)
  • Direct contact with experts


 It's that easy to test
 Everything you need for the soil test can be found in the box sent:

  • Fill the sample bag with the garden soil according to the instructions
  • Fill in the data sheet
  • Put the filled sample bag and data sheet back in the pre-addressed return box. Close the return box, post sufficient postage and simply throw it in the nearest mailbox

You will receive the results of the soil analysis after approx. 4 weeks by post or email.

AQA, the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology (formerly the Seibersdorf Research Institute) and all federal soil experts (b4) have come together to develop this high-quality test. Your soil sample is examined for the most important plant nutrients and a nutrient and fertilizer recommendation is made.

Instruction video:


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