Replacement filter for Blueair HealthProtect 7770i

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Blueair replacement filters
Original replacement filter for Blueair Air Purifier HealthProtect of the 7700i series (7740i / 7770i /)

Latest filter technology, high performance
The intelligent air filter for your Blueair HealthProtect air purifier is designed using the latest filter technology. Use the technical innovation to get maximum filter performance out of your room air purifier. An RFID chip permanently ensures that the service life of the Blueair SmartFilter can be fully exploited. Percentage data are transmitted to you via the Blueair app and on the device display. This means that you always know when the air filter needs to be replaced and can therefore have one longer service life of the replacement filter use.

The smart air filter for your HealthProtect air purifier 7740i or 7770i from Blueair filters fine dust, viruses, bacteria, mold spores, pollen, animal allergens, odors, VOCs and outgassing from furniture.

Blueair SmartFilter for 7700 air purifiers
  • Compatible with HealthProtect 7740i and 7770i
  • Smart replacement filter with RFID chip
  • HepaSilent and activated carbon filter
  • Filters particles> 0.1 micron, odors & VOCs
  • Automatic calculation of the filter service life
  • The air purifier notifies you when the filter is full
  • Max. Filter time 1 year, depending on the environment
Intelligent structure, efficient filter performance
When designing the advanced Blueair Smart air filter, concentrated knowledge and experience in the field of ventilation technology was incorporated. The wedge-shaped Smart air filter support the filter efficiency through their shape and consist of activated carbon from coconut shells; HEPA particle filter made of polypropylene and prefilter. The Blueair HepaSilent replacement filter with activated carbon are not coated and contain no chemical additives or binders, which is particularly important for people with allergies or MCS.

Easy filter change & always know when
The filter change of the Blueair SmartFilter works without tools and hygienic take place. The wedge shape allows you to close the Smart Air Filter like a book and pull it out. This is done quickly, easily and without generating any dust when changing. Using the data on the device display or on the app, you are able to change the filter exactly when it is actually necessary. The Smart Air Filter enables you to do the Utilize the full service life of the Hepa activated carbon filterwhat helps you save.