Replacement filter for Blueair Pure 221

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Blueair replacement filters
Original replacement filter for Blueair Air Purifier Pure 221

HEPA, Activated carbon and pre-filter
The replacement filter for the Blueair Blue 221 air purifier is a 3 in 1 filter. It consists of a washable, metal prefilter, HEPA filter and activated carbon granulate. The combination filter should be replaced every 6 months in continuous operation (7 days, 24 hours) or longer depending on the operating time. Immediately after changing the Blue Pure 221 replacement filter, you breathe clean, pure air again, cleaned of particles, dust, smells, fragrances, VOCs and smoke.

Advantages of the Blue Pure 221 replacement filter with activated carbon and HEPA
  • Combination filter for particles, fine dust, VOCs and odors
  • HEPA filter with 99.97% efficiency for particles> 0.1 µm
  • Activated carbon filter with granules against volatile pollutants and odors
  • Pre-filter made of perforated sheet metal, washable
  • Environmentally friendly and fully recyclable
Changing the filter is child's play
With a click mechanism, the filter for the Blue Pure 221 can be changed in one minute. The Blueair Blue 221 replacement filter with activated carbon / HEPA is equipped with a pre-filter made of perforated sheet metal. The appearance of your room air purifier is even more attractive and large fluff of dust is filtered. Timely and regular filter change supports your health!

More color
Optionally, the Blue Pure 221 replacement filter can be supplemented with a colored fabric prefilter to emphasize the modern design.