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Highest air quality - also in the car, caravan, truck, ambulance or in the ski gondola
The Blueair Cabin is the easiest way to ensure that everyone in the car, taxi, RV or truck breathe air that is free of pollutants. Thanks to the high filter density, bacteria and viruses are also filtered up to PM1! In addition, the Blueair Cabin has an activated carbon filter that filters harmful exhaust gases from the interior air.

All Blueair Cabin air purifiers are equipped with a 360 ° HEPA filter with activated carbon. The combination brings you Safety and good air quality.

Air quality in the car
The air on the street can be up to 15 times worse than the air in the open air away from the streets. Thanks to a 360-degree air inlet and outlet opening, the interior air cleaner effectively cleans the air in your car, truck or mobile home in less than six minutes. The secret is in a compact, mobile version of Blueair's HEPASilent ™ technology - the same market-leading technology trusted by the millions of customers who use it to purify the air in their homes and offices.

Those who are constantly on the move, as well as families with small children and babies, benefit in many ways from the Blueair Cabin Auto Air Purifier. In addition to pollutants, pollen, fine dust and allergens are also filtered. Anyone who has to drive a lot for work will arrive more relaxed with the Blueair Cabin.

Easy to assemble
Depending on the application, the Blueair Cabin can be installed quickly and safely. In the car, e.g. attached to the neck rest of the driver or front passenger seat, the Blueair Cabin P2i car interior air purifier no extra space. The power supply simply runs through the cigarette lighter. The Blueair Cabin can also be operated from a normal socket using an adapter (not included).

Filter performance
Ammonia, bacteria, fine dust, formaldehyde, gases (VOC), grasses, manure, house dust, house dust mites / faeces, pet allergens, solvents, toluene, benzene, particles, pollen, smoke, mold, tobacco smoke, animal hair and hair, viruses.

In the case of continuous operation, it is recommended to change the filter every 6 months. However, the device indicates when a filter change must be carried out.

The types to choose from
Cabin P1 / Cabin P2i / Cabin P2iD

The Cabin P2i differs from the Cabin P1 in that it has integrated air sensors and can automatically regulate the power levels depending on the air quality. It can also be controlled via an app via Bluetooth. The Cabin P2iD is a package with two devices for larger car interiors (5-7 m²). Otherwise, the devices are visually and technically identical.