Analysis for real dry rot

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Reliable DNA identification of the real dry rot

The building destroyer
With the SchimmelCheck dry rot, a DNA analysis is used to determine whether it is a real dry rot. The real dry rot is a major cause of damage from sponge infestation in buildings. The dry rot preferentially attacks built-in wood. The real dry rot is considered to be a dangerous destroyer of buildings.

The DNA analysis provides reliable information as to whether the infestation is real dry rot. The qualified analysis is carried out by the AIT - in addition, the material sample is examined for the following wood-destroying fungi:

  • Coniophora puteana, Donkioporia expansa, Gloephyllum sepiarium, Serpula himantioides, Tyromyces placenta

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We will send you everything you need for the mold test:

  • Sampling bag
  • Sampling instructions
  • data sheet
  • Return envelope
  • Sufficiently postage the return envelope and simply hand in your sample at the nearest post office or throw it in a post box
  • Direct contact with experts

Within five working days of receiving the sample in the laboratory, you will receive the analysis results directly from the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology (formerly Forschungszentrum Seibersdorf) via email.