CO2 sensor

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Keeping an eye on clean air

Measurements show that there are often poor air conditions in living rooms or in school classes and offices. The clear one CO2 Monitor with an easy-to-read display helps to create optimal indoor air conditions. It not only measures temperature and humidity, but also that CO2-Air content. A traffic light system indicates when the air is too strong with CO2 is enriched and should be ventilated.

Simply plug in and you can always keep an eye on the air quality!

  • CO2 is considered an indicator of bad, stale indoor air. Excessive values can lead to a drop in performance and difficulty concentrating, and if the air conditions are very poor, this can even lead to malaise and headaches. As a guideline, the CO2 value should not permanently exceed 1000ppm.

    With the CO2 Sensor you always have the room air factors under control!

  • Ideal for school classes, offices or living spaces. The CO2 Sensor measures the CO2-Content, temperature and relative humidity. The CO2-Monitor important information about the air quality in closed rooms and shows you by means of a traffic light system when the room should be ventilated:
    • Measurement of CO2Content, temperature and relative humidity
    • The values are shown on a large, clear display
    • Easiest operation
    • A traffic light display for the CO2 Values and additional alarm function if exceeded (can be deactivated)
    • Power plug
    • Can be wall-mounted or simply set up

  • Technical specifications:

     Power supply: USB incl. Power adapter for socket
     Dimensions: (LxWxH) 138 x 29 x 100 mm
     Weight: 184 g
     Measuring ranges:



    CO2: 0-3,000 ppm
    Humidity: 20 - 90%
    Temperature: 0 - 50 degrees Celsius