Indoor air check mold warning system

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Warns of possible mold growth

The formation of mold is not only an optical problem, but also a health problem. A major factor in the formation of mold is the humidity in the air. The mold warning not only shows the humidity on a clear display, but also warns you if there is a risk of mold and also shows the temperature and the dew point!

So that you can always reach the optimum humidity with ventilation and heating in good time and your apartment can stay mold-free.


  • Excessive humidity can easily lead to mold growth. Mold not only damages the building fabric, it can also be responsible for allergies and diseases.

    A three-person household emits an average of up to 12 liters of water a day into the living space through cooking, showering, planting, etc. This moisture is often insufficiently removed from the apartments through proper ventilation and heating. The risk of mold increases. Therefore, the humidity should be kept in mind in every household.

    With the mold warning system, the humidity and room temperature are shown on a clear display. There is also an alarm function if there is a risk of mold growth and shows the dew point. The dew point is also an important indicator so that no water pots and mold can form on the walls. 

    The humidity in closed rooms should be between 40 and 60%. If the air is too dry, dry eyes or throat irritation occur. The risk of infection also increases if the room air is too dry, as the mucous membranes dry out and bacteria and viruses can penetrate more easily. On the other hand, if the room air is too humid, there is a risk of mold growth.

    A must for every household.

    • Measurement of relative humidity, room temperature and dew point
    • Indication of the values on a clear display and additional display like on a radar screen
    • Alarm function when there is a risk of mold (optical and acoustic - the acoustic signal can also be switched off)
    • Easiest operation
    • Clear operating instructions with helpful tips for the correct humidity
    • Operation via batteries (included in the scope of delivery for initial operation)
    • Easy to set up or hang up

  • Measuring range

    -10 to +60 ° C
    10 to 99% relative humidity (rH)


    0.1 ° C
    1% rH


    ± 1 ° C
    ± 3% rH at 35 ... 75% rH otherwise 5% rH

    Power supply

    2 x 1.5 V AAA batteries


    98 x 23 (50) x 98 mm


    87 grams (device only)