Water analysis for accommodation providers

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Water hygiene + legionella in a practical package ideal for accommodation providers, fitness centers, wellness establishments, etc.

Responsibility for guests

Not only because of long periods of inactivity or downtime, water analyzes for possible contamination and legionella should generally be carried out in companies and residential units where guests come into contact with water. This applies, for example, to hotels, hairdressers, fitness centers, schools, campsites, leisure facilities and second homes. For example, Legionella - these are absorbed by the finest water droplets when showering, for example - can trigger a serious lung disease (Legionnaires' disease).

Testing brings security
You can use our tourism package to analyze whether your water pipe system is bacteriologically contaminated. This contains both an examination of all bacteriological parameters in accordance with the Drinking Water Ordinance and an examination for Legionella. All in one convenient and large package Price advantage compared to the individual analyzes! If you need a water filter (built-in filter / filter on the tap / filter jug), we can recommend devices from Kristallklar: Crystal clear filter

Analysis scope:

Odor; Coloring; CFU 22; CFU 37; coliform bacteria; Escherichia coli; Enterococci; Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Legionella.

Service package:

  • Handy test box with two sample bottles
  • Simple removal instructions and data sheet
  • Analysis and clear laboratory results
  • Marking of exceedances
  • Helpful explanation sheets
  • Direct contact with experts for queries
The price includes the sampling package, the analysis and the findings!
Note: All of our tests contain simple instructions for safe sampling. If you still want to rule out possible influences from taking your own samples, we are happy to have this carried out by trained staff. We will send you an offer.
Note: With a transport time of over 24 hours or at high temperatures during the transport, there may be fluctuations in the analysis values. Tip: Send your water sample to the laboratory using an appropriate shipping method to ensure rapid transport.


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