Legionella water test using accredited laboratory analysis

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Legionella water test: Checks for possible legionella pathogens

For your safety and the safety of your guests!
The WasserCheck Legionella allows a quick and reliable classification with regard to a possible Legionella contamination of your water. The analysis shows whether the bacterium is present in a concentration that is hazardous to health.

The WasserCheck Legionella offers security: Legionella, the possible pathogens in every shower, can now be tested easily and safely by all operators of accommodation establishments or also by private households.

The analysis is carried out by a laboratory authorized by AQA according to ÖNORM EN ISO 11731

Analysis scope:
The water is analyzed for the presence and number of Legionella (entire Legionella genus). In the first step, a test for the presence and number of Legionella is carried out. This test covers the entire Legionella genus. If no legionella is detected, there is currently no risk of legionella. If bacteria of the genus Legionella are detected, a second step is to determine the legionella species that are dangerous for humans.

Service package:

  • Handy test box with sample bottle or sample bottles depending on the selected set
  • Simple removal instructions and data sheet
  • Analysis and clear laboratory results
  • Helpful legionella primer
  • If you have any questions, you can contact experts directly

Note: Please take the sample and return the water sample on a Monday to ensure the required analysis times in the laboratory.

All of our tests contain simple instructions for safe sampling. If you still want to rule out possible influences from taking your own samples, we are happy to have this carried out by trained staff. We will send you an offer.

Instruction video:


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